Utahraptor is a medium sized carnivore and a large dromaeosaurid. It had excellent night vision and because of its claws it was a bleeder damage type. It has an aggressive and territorial temperament and an overall stamina of a high metabolic rate. When in a pack, it can easily overwhelm larger dinosaurs with it's pounce attack.


A balanced diet can include......

  • Small herbivores
  • Medium herbivores
  • Large herbivores (pack hunting)
  • Other raptors (Austroraptor's & Velociraptor's.)
  • Human Beings

The size of utahraptor coupled with their intelligence makes them a significant threat. Stealing food from smaller predators is just as viable for them as hunting their own food, but they're big enough to tackle larger prey than most raptors.


Raptors are the most adaptable predators the dinosauria ever produced. They are everywhere. However, utahraptor is bulky enough that it cannot follow you indoors.


Despite its size, Utahraptor is still an agile predator, capable of running down almost anything. The strong leg muscles also let them pounce on prey from a distance, attacking with deadly claws on both feet and hands. Their tendency for hunting in packs means that if you see one, you can bet there are more. Watch your back!

Defining Trait

Sickle Claw: Most raptors have a large curved claw on each foot, but utahraptor takes it to the next level. Wicked sickles up to nine inches long mean they are able to disembowel prey easily or pounce and latch onto larger animals.


  • Utahraptor literal name means "Utah's predator".
  • Utahraptor discovery was by Kirkland in 1993.
  • Utahraptor will also have a strain known as Hyperendocrin Utahraptor.
  • It is rumored that a feathered variant is in the works, however this may not be confirmed.