Triceratops is a large Herbivores with limited night vision. It is known to have a temperament of being easily provoked and noted to be both a bone breaker and bleeder. It has an overall stamina of a low metabolic rate. It can gore its opponents with its horns or stomp them to death.

It got added to Survival in the Patch on the 5 May 2018

Feeding Grounds

Being quite social animals, Triceratops form herds that roam the open prairies. They have a fondness for flowers, their favorite food being dandelions.


Two large horns above each eye are ideal for goring attackers, making adult Triceratops capable of defeating apex predators.

A tough hide gives modest protection, but the head crest is for display only.

Possessing powerfully strong legs, Trikes can evade danger or tackle it head on with a devastating stomp attack. Stay back if you don't want twelve tonnes of dino falling on you.

The Subadult is a rather weak fella. Able to defend himself against smaller predetors but larger ones or packs are a problem.

The Juvenille on the other hand can only defend itself against other Juvies and Velociraptors.

Defining Trait

Horrid Horns: A ceratopsian's primary defense. Triceratops itself has two sweeping horns of solid bone protection (and a third on the snout in case those miss!)

When confronted, the animal's strategy is to shake its head wildly from side to side, trying to impale any attackers who get up close.

Adults can throw enough strength into their swing to penetrate most any armour. If the initial impact does not kill an assailant, massive blood loss probably will.

Growth time in minutes:

  • Trike Hatch: 30
  • Trike Juvie: 60
  • Trike Sub: 260
  • Trike Adult: 100

Juvenile Info:

Weight: 760 kg
MaxSpeed: 13 km/h
BiteForce: 20N

Sub Adult Info:



  • Triceratops means "Three-Horned Face".
  • Triceratops discovery was by O.C Marsh in 1889.
  • Triceratops is one of many herbivores to be considered a major threat.