The Isle

Official Rules of the Isle Wikia

Rules are a set of explicit and understood regulations governing over this community so this Wikia will have peace,civility,order and Law.

Official Wikipedia Rules

0. Respect all the staff and we will respect you the same way.
1. The wikia will not Tolerate any form or type of trolling or vandalism.
2. Any type of nudity or pornographic content is prohibited by DEFAULT.
3. Do not Ask for ETA's do not harass the official isle staff members no matter the reason.
4. Do not harass,insult,provoke, or belittle other users on this wikia (keep your issues off this site.)
5. Do not give out false information relating to or about the isle wikia this is prohibited.

Image Rules

1. Nudity is not allowed of any kind or type this is and always will be prohibited.
2. Add "the isle" at the end of the image for search engines (Ex: Trex The Isle.png)
3. Do not UPLOAD ANY FANFIC Pictures unless its for your profile page.
4. Do not upload watermark images (Example: Deviantart with the user copyright waterwork.)
5. Uploading real pictures of yourself is at your own cost.


Breaking the rules will lead to users being properly banned from this site the users will get 2 warnings if they directly ignore or delete the warning from their talk page they will get a 3 day ban this is showing them we don't play games around here.

Uploading any type of Nudity will automatically be a Ban following a IP ban as well and if a user create a sockpuppet then wikia will contacted to have you ban from across the global wikia community.

Disrespecting the staff will give you a week or a month ban depending on the severity.

Uploading watermark images will give you a automatic 1 month ban.

Harassing,insulting,provoking, and belittling other users will be a 2 month ban automatically if a user asked you to leave them alone or not to bother them this also applies.

Bothering the community isle staff will just be a 7 month ban if they tell you as well to leave them be then take that hint.

Giving out false information or any false images or sources will be a 3 month ban from the wikia.

Trolling/Vandalizing the wikia will just be a instant ban and a IP ban because these acts are immature and pathetic.

Overall making ANY type of Sockpuppet when you are banned will lead to 2 options your main account being overall banned or adding more days to your current ban on both accounts this is depending on the Admin of the site we are very strict about these rules so following them will keep you editing here.

Staff Positions:
Content Moderators
Discussions Moderators
Chat Moderators

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