Stegosaurus is a medium sized dinosaur that is protected by a spiked tail with limited night vision. It is a bone breaker and bleed type dinosaur with a passive temperament clumsy nature. It is noted to have an overall stamina of a low metabolic rate.

Feeding Grounds

With a short reach, Stegosaurus has to content itself with feasting on ferns. They can usually be found foraging inside the relative safety of coniferous forests.


These dumb, lumbering beats are anything but harmless. A small brain and awkward gait make them quite clumsy, swaying their tail spikes around absent-mindlessly as they move.

A normally slow Stego can still gallop a fair distance if they have stamina to spare, although their top speed wouldn't save them from most predators.

This is one animal for whom standing and fighting is actually the better option.

The Thagomizer

Four long sharp spikes protruding from the tip of the tail make "the thagomizer"-a most devastating weapon.

With their strongly muscled and highly flexible tails, stegosaurs can swing the thagomizer at great speed, inflicting serious damage. However, even the lightest touch of those sharp spikes can spell doom for a small animal.

Think twice before getting up close, they are just as likely to kill with clumsiness as malice. Must you engage, do NOT approach from behind.


  • Stegosaurus name means "Roof Lizard".
  • Stegosaurus discovery is by O.C Marsh in 1887.