Shantungosaurus is a large herbivore within the isle. It should be known that its damage type is a bone breaker. It can either headbutt or execute its enemies with a powerful stomp attack. It has good night vision. It can be easily upset by other dinosaurs. It has an overall stamina of a medium metabolic rate.

Feeding Grounds

Although its can be a tight squeeze, shantungosaurus finds its food among the broadleaf forests.


Lovingly referred to as the "shanty", this behemoth is the isle's largest herbivore outside of sauropods. They are big enough to shrug off most attacks, but can still be vulnerable to apex predators.

When cornered, a shanty rears back on its hind legs, putting nearly 16 tonnes of weight into a powerful stomp, able to kill or severely cripple Tyrannosaurs. Their skin is also surprisingly thick, meaning they can take a good beating and remaining standing.

Tips: Means of Escape

Shantungosaurus may not look like a sprinter, but those massive thigh muscles allow it to gallop away at high speed.

Doing this takes a lot of energy though, meaning they cannot run for too long without tiring out.

Tips: Lumbering Loudly

These animals grow large enough to lose their fear of predation, so you will never find them sneaking around. An adult shanty on the move can be heard miles away. However, it is important to always get visual confirmation of your quarry. Unless a Shanty is galloping, you won't be able to tell their distant footfalls apart from potential predators.


  • Shantungosaurus name means "Shandong Lizard".
  • Shantungosaurus discovery was by Xing Xu, er al in 1973.