Puertasaurus is a leviathan sized herbivore dinosaur with a bone breaker attack type with a limited night vision and a social but quick to anger temperament with a overall stamina of a low metabolic rate. It has a wide range of attacks from a slow but deadly stomp attack to a kick attack, and even a quick tail whip attack that can instantly kill almost any threat.

Feeding Grounds

A puertasaurus will need to constantly feast on planet matter to sustain itself from the moment it is born. Puertas grow so massive because their long necks give them easy access to planets other herbivores can't reach. It also acts as an extended gut, able to digest even the toughest vegetation.

Defensive Tactic

Thundering Stomp: Be wary of a frontal assault. Puertas can rear back on sturdy hind legs to bring down over a hundred tonnes of body weight on top of their attackers. We'd be scraping you off the floor with a spatula.

Defining Trait

Long Neck: Puertasaurus belongs to the sauropod lineage, a family of dinosaurs famed for having hugely long necks. Their purposes are many and varied between species, from defense to socializing.

In puertas, the neck acts as a factory for digesting tough plant materials. It also affords situational awareness, being able to see any potential threats from miles away.

However, this part of their anatomy is undoubtedly a puerta's main weakness. To maintain flexibility, the neck has much less Armour than the body.

A Tail Of Doom

The tail of a Puertasaurus is quite useful in defense. Strong yet flexible ligaments run down its length allowing them to whip it back and forth to dispatch enemies who attack from the rear. And if that doesn't do the trick, they also have quite a mean back kick. Don't expect to live long if hit by either one.


  • Puertasaurus literal name means "Puerta's lizard".
  • Puertasaurus discovery was by Novas et al in 2005.
  • Pueratasaurus is the currently the biggest herbivore in the isle.