Psittacosaurus is a small herbivore dinosaur that lives in the isle. It is known to have limited night vision. It is both social and anxious with a overall stamina of a medium metabolic rate and it should be noted it is a passive creature.

Feeding Grounds

Equipped with a tough peak, Psittacosaurus can tackle almost any type of vegetation, a real advantage at the bottom of the food chain.

The Pint-size Pacifist

One of the smallest creatures inhabiting the archipelago, there is little psittacosaurus can do to defend themselves, except hide.

Unlike its distant cousins the Ceratopsids, psittacosaurus has only tiny scutes instead of armour. They are all but defenseless.

As a result, these creatures have become quite friendly, often found travelling with herds of larger animals for protection.


  • Psittacosaurus name means "Parrot Lizard".
  • Psittacosaurus discovery is by Osborn in 1923.
  • Psittacosaurus is believed to be the protagonist of all known Ceratopsians.