• fix for getting stuck sometimes
  • fixed dino step up logic (no more moving up hillsides)
  • intermesh collision improvements, no more stuck in each other
  • fixed setting client time for day/night cycle on first load/when discrepancy between client and server is too large.
  • replicated time of day on v3
  • cleaned up allosaurus movement notifies, made sure all its blend spaces are set to use highest weighted animation
  • Switched out emissive dust effect for standard lit particles on footstep / stomp effects, removed footstep particle logic from the dinosaurs that had it set up
  • removed client-server time discrepancy testing
  • fixed a situation where forcing a server movement update could use a tick well beyond the allowed maximum movement time delta
  • fixed light shining through landscape.
  • fixed mesh distance fields and lighting distance for a more natural blend of shadows.
  • removed server movement comp auto ticking (prev fix for turn rate discrepancies on slow clients, causing issues)
  • re-added allo crouch
  • added interpolation to dino anim speed factor
  • Added appropriate Day/Night Cycle for Isle v3
  • fixed slide along surface function
  • dino mesh ignores blocking volumes during move
  • fixed a movement comp crash
  • allo anim fixes
  • fix for speed sliding dinos
  • better collision handling
  • Fixed for problems with intermesh collision
  • Removed intermesh collision from carno- big problems for some reason
  • Massive Isle V3 Map Updates

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