• Updated: Unreal Engine Changes from upstream.
  • Changed: Slightly lowered the max camera spring arm pitch curve for big bipeds.
  • Changed: Dinosaurs Values:
    • Therizino dated turn radius to be slightly faster.
    • Allosaurus - Gave more impact damage on hit.
    • Pachy- Body food value increased.
  • Rex - Fixed bug where Rex would get absurd amounts of food from any body.
  • New: juvenile/sub-adult tyrannosaur sounds.
  • New: First pass on different dino step sound effects for rock/concrete, dirt, grass, snow, metal, mud and water (big, medium and small varieties) will be adding some more in the coming days for sand and wood.
  • Added: More dino footstep cues.
  • Updated: Human Animations/Related code.

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