• New: Upgraded to Unreal Engine 4.15 UnrealEngine
  • Warning: This patch may be unstable, we are pushing it live because we were struggling to get enough people to test it on Dev branch earlier. If you have major problems, feel free to play on a more stable patch on the legacy branch.
  • New: Increased Progression Times (Way progression works will be changed soon in a later patch.)
  • Fixed: Galli's to have proper damage.
  • Fixed: Puerta's BP to use the proper animBP values.
  • New: Shantungosaurus's stomp damage to scale with growth percent.
  • New: Adult Rex to do % max health on bite+flat damage. (Does 40% more damage)
  • Fixed: Hypo Rex to have weight mass.
  • Fixed: Utahraptor bleed not triggering on hit.
  • Fixed: Puerta animations to rotate properly when turning.
  • Fixed: Physical materials on landscape layerinfos for the V4 map, shouldn't hear rock steps everywhere now. (although auto-generated cliff rock is the only surface still misbehaving..)
  • Fixed: Dino egg materials using wrong specular setup.

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