• Fixed some bushes in the spruce and broadleaf grasstypes.
  • Fixed: Baby/Juvinile Therzino animation blueprint didn't transition to resting properly.
  • Fixed: Baby Trike having more health at 0.20 growth then at 0.40 growth.
  • Fixed: Look Direction and Aim Offset was not being replicated properly to remote clients for other dinosaurs.
  • Fixed: Hitboxes of dinosaurs were inaccurate due to issues with Aim Offset.
  • Fixed: Deprecated Compile Warnings for Focus Targets, Base Character and Game Mode.
  • Fixed: Deprecated User Interface Calls in Menu and Game HUD.
  • Fixed: LogSkinnedMeshComp Build Warnings.
  • Fixed: Human Toolbelt wasn't correctly emptied on EndPlay.
  • Added: Most of the dino shader functionality to human master shader.
  • Improved: Isle v4+Shader.
  • Recreated biomes (Lush Spruce replacing Broadleaf, Rocky Spruce replacing Spruce)
  • Began repainting landscape textures on V4.
  • Added: Spruce bush assets.
  • Added: better landscape textures.
  • Added: Gave forest floor far-tiling a parameter to edit.
  • Fixed: far-tiling textures on landscape MaterialInstances.
  • Continued work on repainting V4 map. Heavy work in progress, expect lack of food and trees in some areas.
  • Fixed far-tiling textures on landscape MaterialInstances.

Fixed: Bleeding should scale correctly based upon dinosaur weight and growth.

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