• New: Nesting System (Unfinished / Work In Progress)
  • Use server option (bServerNesting = true) to enable it.
  • By default the B key builds a nest, you can change the keybind in options. You may have to reset your saved folder for it to work.
  • This early version of nesting is designed to test saving, destruction and placement of nests. (There is a reason why it is turned off by default.)
  • Added (AI, Growth, Nesting) Server Options to Listen Server UI.
  • Updated raptor animations to have the footprints in the correct space. Updated resting for velociraptor and psittaco to no longer allow them to move or do any actions while resting.
  • Added unique biting & eating effects to Velociraptor
  • Fixed bug with mesh component of foliage instance state replicators not replicating
  • added eating & drinking effects to a bunch of other dinos
  • Updated Vocal Wheel, New Icons and added group invite.
  • fix for camera offset when zoomed in.
  • Imported first pass on core vocal set for Spinosaurus
  • Fixed velociraptor movement blendspaces having incorrect weighting
  • Fixed: No movement replication for nests.
  • added a variable to MTL_ForestC_Plant_Master to modify the tint blending type so that certain colours could be more visible.
  • modified the blue plant material instance to be more visibly blue
  • corrected progression foliage types to use the blue material instance
  • Touched up all Carno skins, added Giganoto textures and mesh.
  • fixed corrupted velociraptor anim blueprint.
  • Added all referenced Spinosaurus animation assets.
  • Added: Red Giganoto skin, Brown Shant skin.
  • Added all the LODs to v4. Cleaned up materials to use instances.
  • Added a bunch of Giganoto and Spino skins.
  • Added Spino footprints and added Brown Shant skin to Skin Selection list.
  • Added sound and particle effects to majority of Spinosaurus animations, lined up Spino footprints and assigned its pain / death sounds
  • Added Albino, Green, and Brown Shant skins.
  • Reworked Sucho skins and added a few.
  • Added distant roars and drinking vocals for Spinosaurus
  • Fixed Austro Stamina regen didn't work.

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