• New: Server List Filter Options
  • Added: Landscape_04 (Isle v4)
  • Added drinking effects to TSL Tyrannosaurus, Hypo Rex, subadult Rex and juvenile Rex. Default adult Rex didn't get one since it needs its animation redone to match the sound cue. Had to re-orient bite sockets on these so that emitters are facing the correct way.
  • Fixed: Broken Hunger / Thirst for some dinos.
  • Added: Support for publisher banning of hacked servers.
  • Added: Error Message to Main Menu if Steam Subsystem Fails.
  • Added roar spittle to Hypo Rex vocal animations, added simple gore to eating animations of Hypo Rex and Juvenile Rex, removed weird frames at the end of juvenile Rex broadcast animation
  • Added landscape 04 material.
  • Added some more redwood forests on v4.
  • Updated V4 with biomes (Vegetation only).
  • Updated foliagetypes for broadleaf/conifer.
  • Updated the TestLevel with min/max sizes for dinosaurs.
  • Updated Server List UI. Added Max Results Section + Server Details.
  • Publisher Banned Servers will now show in red.
  • Fixed Issues with random skin selection.
  • Added drinking effects for Dryo, Galli, Herra.
  • Moved dinosaur growth back to being server-side only
  • Fixed Footprints not working.
  • camera offset code made readable
  • camera offset scaling with dinosaur growth problems fixed
  • Fixed fall damage not working
  • New: Dinosaurs now loose thirst when spamming vocal calls.

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