• Removed Navmesh from V3 to try to fix issues.
  • Added a test lake to persistent level to see if it crashes.
  • Moved default time to noon.
  • enabled acro native anim bp
  • enabled anky and diablo native anim blueprint
  • fixed broken weight classes
  • Updated dusk settings.
  • added extra weight classes
  • fixed another bug in foliage eating
  • set foliage eating tick back to 90 seconds
  • fixed Galli_ABP2.uasset
  • Updated Day/Night cycle to include cloud coloring and realistic sun/moon light passes on clouds.
  • Fixed pain/death sounds not playing for Utahraptor
  • Updates to dusk/dawn on Day/Night cycle.
  • Committed new Day/Night cycle.
  • Trying to fix nav mesh using all the server memory.

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