• added native multithreaded anim bp for dinos
  • added native anim bps for most dinos
  • activated new anim bp for herrera, austro, and galli, for testing.
  • added reusable footstep sound/particle for physical surface collection data asset (IFootstepSoundsData) and notifier that uses it
  • added missing anim blend spaces
  • fixed many footstep notifiers that had threshold values lower than .5. Could cause 2 footsep sounds to be played/2 foot prints to be generated.
  • Fixed master prop shader not having a default specular texture after KiteDemo got deleted
  • Started assigning material types to landscape (some areas might need to be repainted or layers renamed since mud doesn't look like mud, but it sure sounds like it now)
  • fixed baryonyx eat range
  • Added corpse assets. Might need tweaking.
  • Fixed Bug with bary not correctly setup as a progression dino.

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