• Reduced intensity of large roar ducking effect on other sounds
  • Disabled cone attenuation on small dino vocals to have more consistent behaviour on Tyrannosaur bite sounds
  • Reduced volume of randomized night bird sounds
  • Tweaked altitude-based wind on Region 2
  • New Quetzalcoatlus Skins: Savannah Spectre, Novalis, Cordyline, Blaze, Albino
  • Updated Quetzalcoatlus Normal Map
  • Users that are kicked from the server are no longer temp banned until server restart. This allows hot reloading of Steam Group Whitelisting without having to restart the server.
  • Updated Dryosaurus Sunbleached Skin
  • Added Dryosaurus texture base
  • Fixed Visible seams on the Allos left leg (caused by the detailed normal map) and updated the Allosaurus materials.
  • Added New texture base for Allosaurus
  • Disabled sound occlusion on Puerta steps
  • Double checked that sound occlusion is disabled on ALL Rex sounds
  • Increased volume of Rex sit/stand VO
  • Minor changes to bird ambience

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