• Improved: Trike Breathing Sounds.
  • Added: Distant Allo and Maia Sounds
  • Fixed: Galli getting stuck when resting while limping or feign limping.
  • Fixed: Shanty and Trike glitch that allowed you to use 2 attacks at the same time.
  • Fixed: Attacks for all dinosaurs can only be done if another animation isn't already playing. Attacks can't interrupt roars etc.
  • Fixed: Attacks, Vocals, Eating and Drinking and sounds added for the quetz.
  • Fixed: Broken Foliage regrowth and log spam from regrowth.
  • Fixed: Various game crashes while eating foliage.
  • Fixed: Motion Blur related graphical glitches on Region 2 HQ.
  • Fixed: Bug that allowed group invite people while on the death screen.

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