• Shanty forelimbs no longer break physics on death.
  • Updated Region HQ Test to have working water/food systems
  • Removed sharp low-res terrain spikes on Region HQ Test
  • Downscaled texture size on HQ objects for performance increase
  • First pass at vocal wheel implemented -- Broadcast, Threaten, Help, Friendly
  • Integration of degrading food/water UI
  • Upgraded default dinosaur screens to include factions towards progression system
  • Buffed Shanty stamina values
  • Buffed Carno health values
  • Fixed Puerta still being able to do whacky antics post-death
  • Updated Puerta/Shanty stomp to be more accurate
  • Updated Austroraptor with a speedfix so he no longer slides
  • Improved footstep crossfading
  • Improved dinosaur vocalization crossfading
  • Fixed Puertasaurus shaking screens when standing still
  • Added more dinosaur pain/breathing sounds
  • Integrated dinosaur limping when near fatal damage
  • Updated dinosaurs to no longer make sounds when standing (unless falling)

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