• New: Therizinosaurus Skin (Casuarius)
  • New: Austroraptor Skin (Black)
  • New: Gallimimus Skin (Nomad)
  • Improved: Game Performance & Stability.
  • Improved: Keybind System and enabled more control options to be re-bound.
  • New: Started Work on XInput / Xbox Controller Support.
  • New: Chat System Improvements & Optimizations.
    • Ability to Mute / Unmute Players from Chat (and VOIP soon) by clicking on the speaker list on the player list. This list of muted player should save and reload on game exit. This should help you block all those salty roleplayers that are annoying as hell :P
  • Fixed: Group / Kick / Ban / Mute Options no longer show on your own player row in the player list.
  • Fixed: Kick / Ban options are disabled unless you are the server or logged in as an admin (more functionality soon).
  • Fixed: Rex and other dinos Stamina goes to 0 instantly when hitting spacebar, even though they don't have a jump ability.
  • Fixed: Shanty Stance would change when using the J Key even when typing in chat.
  • Fixed: Replaced 3x Default Skins that had flaws / seams in them on low graphics settings or when they were loading in. (Puerta, Carno, Galli)
  • Fixed: Excessive load times to get to the main menu of the game due to really large footprint assets

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