Packs The Isle

A pack of Austroraptor's in a posse.

Packs,Gang, and or Posse are terms used to indicate to others that their is a large number of carnivores hunting and killing other's for food or to demonstrate their dominant power over a Server which are often annoying and or hard to avoid in small numbers which are they are often to kill Herbivores rather then other Carnivores due to the difference in power,size, and or speed making these qualities a dangerous combo since some players will have mixed species for a more dangerous group.


Known Packs

  • Hyperendocrin Rex's is considered the most dangerous group of packs in the game capable of one shotting most dinosaurs.
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex's are often the most rarest group of dinosaurs in the game.
  • Utahraptor's are the most common group of pack hunters in the game because of their speed and power to take down most dinosaurs in their way.