Egg Nest The Isle
Empty Nest The Isle

Nest Information:

  • All Dinosaurs should be able to build a nest.
  • Currently all nests use the same model and requirements. This will change in the future.
  • Use the B key to build a nest.
  • Use E Key on a nest to interact with it.
  • Your nest stores Food, Eggs and Points. Every minute the nest removes 1 food and generates a point. After 15 points a egg is created.
  • Nest can store up to 100 food and 4 eggs total.
  • Nests can be destroyed by attacking them. Once a nest is destroyed, you can't build another one until you die or after 15 minutes has passed.
  • When you die or progress your nest is destroyed along with everything in it.
  • You can only be invited to one nest at a time, if you accept a different invite, the previous invite will expire.
  • Invites only last in that session and if you relog you will need to receive another nest invite.
  • Nests will save and survive server restarts and player relogs.
  • Anyone can destroy your nest by attacking it with a standard attack.
  • Only adult dinosaurs can build a nest.
  • Once you build a nest you no longer generate progression points over time.

Inviting Players to Nest:

Once you have a nest and a egg has spawned, you can invite anyone on the server to spawn as a baby of the same dinosaur type you are in your nest. They can hit the nest button on the progression screen to spawn at your nest. If your nest doesn't have a egg or has been destroyed the spawn won't work.

Future Mechanics/Features/Changes:

  • You can consume a egg from your nest to gain the progression points used to create the egg.
  • Different Nest Models and Nest Sizes/Requirements/Stats per dinosaur.
  • If your nest is left without food for a while your eggs will die.
  • Other players can steal eggs from your nest as food.
  • Progression point bonus for successfully raising young to adult.