Hyperendocrin is the 1st known mutant strain within the isle as this strain will increase the dinosaurs size and mass, making the dinosaur a nearly unkillable monster thats unless they fail to consume enough food to maintain their decreasing metabolism or if the Humans find special bullets to damage them.


Strain users will increase in size and will have a armor type skin and other such mutations like snake like divided jaws or a three way mouth.


  • Hyperendocrin strains subjects will have fast paced regeneration.
  • Hyperendocrin strains subjects will gain the ability to heal broken bones faster.
  • Hyperendocrin strain subjects receives massive health boosts.
  • Hyperendocrin strain subjects develops thick armor skin on their body.
  • Hyperendocrin strain subjects gain a massive increase in size.

Side Effects

  • Hyperendocrin strains subjects will have a high metabolism meaning they need to consume alot of meat.
  • Hyperendocrin strains subjects have a deplete in stamina recovery.