Growth System Baby Tyrannosaurus The Isle

A Regular Baby Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Growth is a system which features the players to have the ability of playing as baby versions of the adult dinosaurs and grow up to the mature adult stages but while the players are in the baby stages they are the most vulnerable creatures in the game so it would take up 10 or to 20 minutes before there is a self-independency on their own which means. The baby will and must rely on their "Parents" and or "Herd" as the overall and major protection but until 10 or 20 minutes are over that's when they are able to defend themselves effectively.


  • Players are harder to find by sheer size.
  • Players can't be seen by big predators and as carnivores stealing meat is easier to scavenge.


  • Players have dwarf stats Health/Stamina/Thirst so it's making survival 100% more necessary.

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