Giganotosaurus is a large carnivorous dinosaur known to be a bleeder damage type with moderate night vision. It is known to be very aggressive and territorial, especially with other apexes. It overall has a low metabolic rate.


Carnivores this massive usually have to ambush or gang up on large herbivores such as Maiasaura and Shantungosaurus to get enough food to survive. However, if they come across carrion they can easily claim the kills of other predators.


This is a large predator that needs to hunt prey of equivalent or greater size. Thus, they are often found either hunting out on the open plains or lying in wait along the treeline.


Giganotosaurus or "Giga" for short, is one of the isle's apex predators. However, with their huge leg muscles, they are also the fastest apexes in the survival gamemode.

Their strong bite is on par with T.Rex, but lacking the bone-break so fighting other apexes alone is not advised as it most likeley would lead to a lethal outcome.

Gigas often use hit and run tactics, biting then retreating. When pack hunting, one Giga acts as a distraction while the others dash in to chunks out of their prey. Like any large theropod, ambushing with sneak attacks is a solid strategy for them as well.


This dinosaur posseses 4 lifestages:

  • Hatchling  30 min
  • Juvenile   60 min
  • Sub adult   200 min
  • Adult  160 min


  • Gigantosaurus literal name meaning is "Giant Southern Lizard".
  • Gigantosaurus also has a strain known as Hyperendocrin Giganotosaurus.
  • Gigantosaurus has the biggest Bleed damage out of all the apex and outside the strains.