Gallimimus is a medium sized herbivore. It can deliver fast but weak blows with its kick attack. It has excellent night vision but it is a nervous and easily startled creature. It is a fast dinosaur with a overall stamina of a high metabolic rate.

Feeding Grounds

Though born to run free on the plains,Gallimimus graze upon the small ferns that grow inside the isle's conifer forests. A safer meal.


The long legs of Gallimimus are good for more than just marathon sprinting.

A set of powerful thigh muscles give this unassuming herbivore a savage kick, with enough force to kill raptors.

However, force a lone Galli attacked anything much bigger than a human...RUNNING WOULD BE A GOOD IDEA!


Gallies tend to group into large folks that roam the grasslands. Though being in the open might seem dangerous, it reduces the chances of predators being able to sneak up on them. Large flocks can even drive off attackers with sheer numbers. Conversely, running away is easier if there's nothing in your path,and Gallies are FAST. But when it' time to eat, they prefer somewhere a bit less exposed.


  • Gallimimus name means "Chicken Mimic".
  • Gallimimus discovery is by Osmolska in 1972.

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