Dryosaurus was a small and cute herbivore which was as fast like a horse and often formed flocks with its own species or others. It doesn't posses any real combatant skills. It has good night vision with an overall stamina of a high metabolic rate.

Species Notes

  • Relatively small,cute herbivores.
  • Fast as a race horse (and it needs to be).
  • Social animals that often form flocks.
  • Groups with other species herds for protection.
  • Non Combatant.

Feeding Grounds

Not especially bright, Dryosaurus frolics on the open plains, leaving them exposed while eating the abundant flora. This is a most unfortunate diet choice, considering they have no defenses.

Lookout Duty

Dryosaurs must always be ready to flee at the first sign of danger, since running is their only option when attacked.

Their flock structure is analogous to Meerkats, with a posted lookout at all times that remains alert for potential threats while others of the group feed and have fun.


  • Dryosaurus name means "Oak Tree Lizard".
  • Dryosaurus discovery was by Marsh in 1894.

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