Dryosaurus was a small and cute herbivore which was as fast like a horse and often formed flocks with its own species or others.It doesn't posses any real combatant skills, running away and hiding is its best and only option for survival.
It has good night vision with a high stamina (slow regen).

Got added into survival gamemode on the 8 August 2018 along with the other herbivores: Maiasaura and Diabloceratops and posseses a full lifecylce.

Species Notes

  • Relatively small,cute herbivore.
  • Fast as a race horse (and it needs to be).
  • Social animals that often form flocks.
  • Groups with other species herds for protection.
  • Attacks with low damage. Only capable to defend itself barely from Carnivore Juveniles.

Growth Time in Minutes:

  • Dryo Hatch: 10
  • Dryo Juvie: 30
  • Dryo Adult: 30


  • Dryosaurus name means "Oak Tree Lizard".
  • Dryosaurus discovery was by Marsh in 1894.
  • Adults are able to peck small Carnivore Juveniles to death.