"Hi, I'm Dondi. I'm here to make games, not be your friend. If you bought The Isle, don't think that $20 gives you creative input or you bought a friendship with me. If you come into chat and you're stupid or make demands, I'm going to embarrass you. If you can't show respect, sod off and make your own game."




Dondi is a brutally honest person and is known for being open-minded which some people dislike about him and others love about him



  • Dondi is also known as The Dondi.
  • Dondi is a fan of Ricky and Morty.
  • Dondi is a fan of Star Wars.
  • The Isle is a passion project by Dondi who worked for the Primal Carnage and Primal Carnage: Extinction fame. He made a promise to people to make a great dinosaur game and when he felt limited by what he could accomplish at Primal Carnage he branched off to create his own game in his own vision which now known as The Isle.