Dilophosaurus got added to the old Progression gamemode in the Patch ( on August 25. 2017. Now it has a Full Lifecycle and is playable in the Survival Gamemode.  


It's a Small sized Carnivore Slightly Taller than an Utahraptor and has a bulkier body build,a slim head with a crest on its head, reddish scales with a darker spotted pattern similar to a cheetah. The Crest on the Males head is coloured brightly orange while the Females are rather plain looking. It lacks the ability to Jump. It has good bleed damage but a weak bite, presumably due to a Venomous Saliva preventing the Blood from clotting.

And currently posseses the largest Nightvision radius making it an excellent Nocturnal Hunter. (Patch

Growth Time:

The Growth Times in Minutes:

  • Dilo Hatch: 20
  • Dilo Juvie: 50
  • Dilo Adult: 60


  • Good Nightime hunter.
  • "Bleeder" and "Hit and run" hunting Style.