Bleed or Bleed Damage is a feature that can lower a players health because of damage and said person needs to rest to hurry and stop the bleeding before they die from blood loss.

Bleed Levels

Within the Isle all dinosaurs of all size and or diet has a bleed level of 0-99 which will cause the player to suffer a loss of health.


Resting as soon as possible will help decrease the bleeding damage back to Zero by 0.25x faster.


  • Walking or Standing will affected the bleeding damage by 1x or 1.5x.
  • Trotting will affect the bleeding damage by 2x.
  • Sprinting will cause the bleeding damage to increase by 4x.

Depending on the bleed damage level will differ due to what the player does on the following.


Carnivores Bleed
Velociraptor N/A
Herrerasaurus N/A
Austroraptor N/A
Utahraptor N/A
Baryonyx N/A
Dilophosaurus N/A
Allosaurus N/A
Carnotaurus N/A
Suchomimus N/A
Acrocanthosaurus N/A
TSL Tyrannosaurus N/A
Giganotosaurus N/A
Tyrannosaurus (Feather) N/A
Carcharodontosaurus N/A
Tyrannosaurus N/A
Spinosaurus N/A
Hyperendocrin Utahraptor N/A
Hyperendocrin Carnotaurus N/A
Hyperendocrin Rex N/A
Hyperendocrin Giganotosaurus N/A
Hyperendocrin Spinosaurus N/A
Herbivores Bleed
Psittacosaurus N/A
Dryosaurus N/A
Gallimimus N/A
Pachycephalosaurus N/A
Diabloceratops N/A
Maiasaura N/A
Corythosaurus N/A
Stegosaurus N/A
Therizinosaurus N/A
Ankylosaurus N/A
Triceratops N/A
Shantungosaurus N/A
Puertasaurus N/A