Baryonyx is a medium sized dinosaur which its part of the bleed damage type with its bite and claws. Its also noted it has good night vision and is very aggressive and territorial but has a overall stamina of a medium metabolic rate.


This is a close relative of Suchomimus, however, it is a much weaker swimmer. This makes it less suited to fishing. With more of a brutish build, they often go after small to mid-sized herbivores ranging from dryosaurs to Plateosaurs. And they are more than big enough to scavenge/steal the kills of smaller hunters.


Baryonyx is small enough to be a capable hunter in woodlands. With less intervention from larger predators, it is one of the top dogs here, able to bully lower tier predators such as austroraptor or herrerasaurus out of a meal.


Baryonyx came from a line of fish eaters, but took a different path. It is much better adapted to land predation, with muscular legs for chasing prey. Both its jaws and claws can deliver killer blows. Like most theropods, they rely on ambush tactics. And, being the runt of the Spinosaurid family tree, it must avoid hunting large prey or taking on large predators. That includes its bigger relatives Suchomimus and Spinosaurus.

Better adapted for preying on land animals, Baryonyx possesses a set of muscular forelimbs with large killing claws on both hands.


  • Baryonyx name means "Heavy Claw".
  • Baryonyx discovery by Charig et al in 1986.