Ankylosaurus was a large armored quadrupedal herbivore which was a clumsy but aggressive. Its classed to be a bone breaker with limited night vision and a overall stamina which was at a low metabolic rate..

Feeding Grounds

The ankylosaurus deity consists of broadleaf plants found in the deciduous forests. Their squat stature makes them able to hide whilst feeding.


Slow moving and armoured, ankylosaurus is built like a tank with thick osteoderms covering the top half of its body, this is NOT an easy meal.

Hunters trying their luck with this walking fortress must try to strike its soft underbelly. Be warned-getting up close risks being hit by their massive tail club. One good swing can spell doom for most predators.

Going Clubbing

Not only do these creatures have a tough covering of armour, the fused bone structure on the tip of the tail is a uniquely devastating weapon.

This "Club" is over 18 inches across and supported by ossified tendons that stiffen the tail's end, helping it absorb impact. When swung with force, this can easily bring down apex predators.


  • Anklyosaurus name meaning is "Fused Lizard"
  • Anklyosaurus discovery was by brown in 1908.