Allosaurus is a large carnivore dinosaur known for having an attack type of bleed with its killer jaws and claws and has good night vision but is a social predator within its own species. It is known for being an aggressive but stealthy ambush killer. It has a overall stamina of a medium metabolic rate.


Allosaurus was the top predator of its day, taking on anything it pleased. Being able to dodge most counter attacks means even tanks like stegosaurus are on the menu for those who are nimble or hungry enough. They do prefer less combative targets though, such as young maiasaura or Corythosaurus.


When not laying ambushes along the treeline, Allosaurs can be found stalking herds of large herbivores on the prairies. Packs are hard to miss, you can usually hear them coming.


The lion of the Jurassic, this is a fast, powerful predator. Deadly alone, but even more dangerous in groups. Though not so speedy as Carnotaurus, they are still quite fleet footed,able to easily out-maneuver both prey or attackers. But their light build comes at the cost of no protective armour. Recommend attacking them from the rear, and only if they are alone.


  • Allosaurus name means "Different Lizards".
  • Allosaurus discovery was by Marsh in 1877.