Acrocanthosaurus was a large predator inhabiting cretaceous Texas around 110 million years ago. This large animal is of the bleeder type, and can very easily take down large prey with hit and run tactics. However, much like other apex predators, Acrocanthosaurus has a very low metabolic rate, meaning it has a hard time flat out running down prey, although it is slightly faster than most other apex carnivores.


Carnivores as big as these don't even need to hunt their own food, they can simply scavenge the kills of smaller predators. However, they are certainly equipped to bring down most any dinosaur they are hungry for. And a sizable animal requires a sizable meal, so it must feast on larger herbivores regularly to sustain itself.


Acrocanthosaurus is a massive predator, their bulky build means they cannot easily hunt in dense forests, so must take to the open plains in search of food.


This apex predator stands nearly as tall as T.Rex, but heavier and slower. They can hold their own against smaller assailants, but may find trouble keeping pace in battle with another big theropods. As always, listen out for distant footfalls and engage from behind to avoid its huge bite.


  • Acrocanthosaurus name means "High-spine Lizard"
  • Acrocanthosaurus discovery was by Stovall & Lansky in 1950.

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